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While we are just starting up, there are already a few projects that we are working on, and excellent people that we are working with. Below is just a sampling, but also keep an eye on our news page for the latest updates.

New Jersey Fall sports coverage

Hiring Company:  Alert the Media, LLC

Owner: Tom Whalen



We have joined forces with Tom Whalen and Alert the Media, LLC to record game action from New Jersey teams during this fall season, specifically football. It could be a high school football game on Friday night or a youth soccer match-up on Sunday morning. Either way, ClayMonster Productions is lending a hand, and a camera, to Tom Whalen's already growing business. If you see us out there, feel free to come say hi, and if you are looking to get a copy of what we are filming, or want us to film a game, check out the website for Alert the Media, or contact us.


Artist: Julie Murphy



We are very proud of our logo, as you will notice if you see us out in the field. We have Julie Murphy to thank for that work, as we contracted her to design something special and she sure did. Julie is a freelancer who handles graphic art and design. If you need a logo, or some graphic design work done, we gladly support Julie, and can get you in touch with her.

coming soon

Producer: Justin Daniels



We are currently working on a few documentary ideas, which could potentially start filming as early as November and work into next year. Keep your eyes open for updates, and as soon as we have something locked in, we will surely post it here!


Producer: Justin Daniels



We also have early plans to do a horror movie, with a rough concept treatment already complete. This would be our first entry into a genre we love that is rich with indy film makers. The next step in our quest is to write the full script, with storyboards. Once that is in place, there will be a casting call, and who knows, even you could be involved. Stay tuned on this, as it's one of several projects we are excited about.

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