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How can we best serve you? Whether it's producing, shooting, editing, or all of the above, we want to help you create the video to suit all of your needs. We are open to an almost endless list of creative video endeavors, from news and sports, to documentaries and movies. Maybe you want to create that sweet music video for your band, or the heartwarming documentary of your wedding day. You could have an athlete in the family and want to film his/her games and maybe put together a scouting reel for colleges. We could go on and on, but you get the idea.


Now, because every project is different, be it creatively, meeting a deadline, or keeping to a budget, we can't provide a price list. Please don't let that discourage you, just send us an email and let us know what you're looking to do, or what your budget is, and we will see how we can help.




Let us take care of everything for you! We will work with you to create the concept that you are looking to achieve from the video, and see it through 'til the end.


After building a budget that works for you, we will pre-produce the rest of the videos needs from location and equipment to talent. Once all is in order, we will shoot the video, and you will receive all of the shoot footage.  In the meantime, we will work with you the whole time (or as much as you want) to see that you get the product you desire, from early rough drafts to a finish product you can be proud of. 


While we can't provide a price list, we can say that by having us do it all, it will be cheaper than to piecemeal it from different outlets.



Perhaps you have an idea, and you'd like our help seeing it to fruition, but don't need us to shoot or edit it. Well, we can still produce it, and see that your vision is met.


As a producer, we can work on budgets and timelines, set up locations, rent equipment, hire crews, and manage multiple crews so that all you have to worry about is the end product. Producing can also be on-site, interviewing subjects or working with cameraman to assure you get the video you want.


If you need our help post-producing, perhaps overseeing an edit or finalizing a video to met your needs, we can do that as well.



Maybe you already have the video, and you're looking to put it all together to get that wonderful commercial, documentary, movie, or personal project. This is where we can really help you.


With more than a dozen years editing, we have the experience to put together a finished product to met your needs. Once you provide us with the video, we will work with you to understand your vision, then provide rough drafts and finalized videos as needed. While we are not graphics or special effects generators, we can provide the basics of graphics and effects.


We own and have experience editing in Final Cut Pro and the Adobe suite, most specifically Premiere. We also have experience editing in several other non-linear programs like AVID, Sony Vegas, DPS Perception/Velocity.



The new owners of the Canon C300, we can also now provide our abilities as cameramen. 


If you want your video to have a more cinematic look, our Canon C300 is what you are craving. We have experience in shooting interviews, news, sports, and documentary/true reality style video. With the C300, we can also give your music video or indie film the professional look you'll be proud to showcase.


We also own a GoPro and a Canon T3, and can add that little extra something to your video with timelapses, slow motion, green screens, sliders, cranes, and much more.



On the rare occasion you have all the able bodies you need, but you want a boost in equipment, we will loan out what equipment we have, and rent additional equipment at cost.


From a camera standpoint, we own the Canon C300 with EF mount, which can shoot 720 or 1080, and has the ability to shoot slow motion direct to camera, as well as true 24 fps, for that film look.


We currently own 2 lens: a Bower 24mm- 1.5 fs, as well as a Canon 28-135mm.


We can also rent out the GoPro2, the Canon T3 (with 3 EF lens: 18-55, 75-300, 55mm), as well as a few other gadgets. Email us to learn more.

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